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With so many people from around the world checking out your page every day, you get a tend to get a lot of questions in your mailbox. I've put together a list of the most common ones to satisify your curiosity as to the who, the how, and the why behind Don's Boss Page.

1. What's a panic button?

A panic button is any one of the many small icons that webmasters from around the world are adding to their sites as a public service to the millions of web users who surf from work. When a user clicks on the icon, they are instantly transported to Don's Boss Page -- and may potentially save their job in the process!

2. How can I get a panic button for my own pages?

It's easy -- just go to my Download a Panic Button section and follow the simple instructions. You'll find tons of great buttons for your pages as well as cut-and-paste HTML code that'll link your site to Don's Boss Page. Plus, you'll be able to register to have your page featured on the Worker-Friendly Sites Page.

3. Can anyone put a panic button on their pages?

Yep. Webmasters of every variety are encouraged to put a panic button and a link to Don's Boss Page on their site. Whether you've got a commerical site or a personal home page, your audience will always appreciate being able to hide from their boss at a moment's notice!

However, I won't include adult sites or multi-level marketing scam pages in the Worker-Friendly Sites listings. I get too much spam in my mailbox from your type in the first place to even consider helping you out with your marketing schemes.

4. What's "My Personal Protector"?

A new feature on Don's Boss Page, it's a floating panic button that stays open at all times while you surf the web. No matter where you are on the web, My Personal Protector is only a quick mouse click away, faithfully waiting to save your job should the boss walk by. Plus, you get Don's Boss Channel -- a fascinating stream of news, tips, and "bad boss" horror stories delivered automatically to your Protector as you surf -- it's super cool!

5. What browsers will it work on?

My Personal Protector requires a Javascript-compliant browser to work. It should work with most flavors of Netscape 2.0 and better, and Internet Explorer 3.0 and better. However, Don's Boss Channel is only available to users with Netscape 3.0 and better. My Personal Protector is a new feature and is still being bug-tested on various platforms; if you have problems with your browser, please let Don know.

6. Where on earth did you come up with the idea for the Boss Page?

Thanks, but I can't take all the credit. The idea originated with the old arcade games for now-dead platforms like the Apple II and the Commodore 64. Many of those classic games had a "Panic!" feature that called up a fake spreadsheet or word processing screen when the user hit <control-b> or something similar.

7. So you ripped it off?

Well, I like to think that I "pioneered the boss page concept in cyberspace." In any event, I was the first to create such a thing on the web, bringing Don's Boss Page online in January of 1996. Since then, I've gotten a ton of hits and lots of great mail from folks who've been saved by the panic button. In fact, demand for the site is so great that in late 1997, Don's Boss Page moved from its original location on NYU's servers to this present home with its own domain name.

8. What do your bosses think of this?

They're actually quite cool with it. I'm producing web sites and other interactive media at Cleveland's LIVE Multimedia, and being on the internet all day is often part of the job -- there's never a need to hide a browser window. :)

9. How can I help out?

Glad you asked! Don's Boss Page has always welcomed people helping out -- after all, the unique spirit of collaboration and connection is what sets the web aside from other mass mediums. I'm always looking for feedback from those for whom the site is designed -- tips about at-work surfing, horror stories about bad bosses, etc.

The artistically-inclined are encouraged to send me new panic buttons for people to download. Graphics wizards living overseas are encouraged to create buttons with the words "Boss Button" or "Hide Here!" in their native languages -- I'd love to make the Boss Page a truly international experience. In addition, I'm collecting screen shots from rare and orphaned platforms for future use -- if you've got an Amiga, Apple Lisa, or other esoteric computer format and would like to help out, please drop me a line.

Above all -- if you liked Don's Boss Page, spread the word. Tell your friends and co-workers -- who knows, maybe you'll save their career in the process!

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